Unit Closing Tips

Yellow and orange sun
A very simple yellow and orange sun, made of circle and triangles.Checklist for Closing your Unit for the Summer

Owners who are leaving for an extended vacation or the entire summer need to take steps to protect their unit. The following are helpful tips prior to departure.

  • Check out with the office prior to departure. Make sure the office has correct emergency contact information, including summer address and telephone numbers.

  • Enlist a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your unit, or hire a home watch service. Make sure the office has a set of keys and key permission to anyone who may need access to your unit while you are gone. (homewatch, pest control, AC company etc.)

  • Close your blinds or curtains to keep out the sunlight

  • Clean food out of the refrigerator, freezers, and cupboards and unplug ALL appliances.

  • Lock all doors and windows

  • Bring in outdoor furniture, remove all movable objects from outdoors. Keep in mind hurricanes and strong summer storms can turn them into dangerous projectile objects that could damage your unit or your neighbor’s unit. Dispose of all potted plants, pull annuals and remove any landscape lighting so mowers can get in close. Take in garden hoses.

  • If you do not want your property sprayed with Roundup, please let the office know prior to departure. This means grounds staff will not spray or weed your property.

  • Shut off the blue water valve that feeds your home, if you have inside valves shut off as well. Shut off hot water heater. 

  • Arrange for mail forwarding and cancel newspaper delivery.

  • Put awnings down and secure them to the unit.

  • If your AC unit has a humidistat, be sure to set according to the manufacture’s recommended settings. 

  • Turn off your main electrical breaker ONLY AFTER making sure that this does not shut off your AC circuit.


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